What’s the Exact Amount of Kratom Powder You Should Take?

What’s the Exact Amount of Kratom Powder You Should Take?

Herbal medicine is popular in most parts of the world. It has few side effects compared to modern medicine. Kratom is an herbaceous plant that belongs to the Rubiaceae family. It is common in Borneo, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Many communities which live in Southeast Asia use kratom to treat a wide variety of diseases. However, some of them use the wrong dosage. In this post, we discuss the exact amount of kratom powder you should take and which factors determine an ideal kratom dosage.

Which is the Right Amount of Kratom Powder?

Since its discovery, kratom is often used in moderate dosage. You can take the safe and natural drug in various forms. For example, some people chew its leaves to get intense effects. It is tricky to find the plant in areas such as America and Europe. Several factors determine the exact amount of kratom powder you should consume. They include:

Kratom strains: There are different kratom strains. Some are more powerful than others. For instance, Maeng Da is rich in alkaloids. It is a genetic kratom strain. Some strains are more energetic or sedative. You might feel as if you are taking coffee when you take a particular strain while another strain might make you feel as if it is a painkiller. Red Veined Indo is a powerful painkiller.

Doctors recommend understanding the type of kratom strain you want to use. Some varieties are an ideal medication for specific ailments. However, you could take it for recreational use. Take a low or moderate dose. A kratom overdose often results in dizziness, nausea and persistent vomiting.

The medium: You can take kratom in different mediums. Some people take it as kratom tea while others take it as kratom powder. The toss-and-wash technique is suitable for ingesting kratom powder. It involves tossing the powder in your mouth for a while and taking a drink to wash it down. Take a moderate powder dose of 4 grams. You can take 8 grams of the powder to get a sedative sensation.

How to Take Kratom Powder

You can consume the powder in different ways. Kratom extract is a potent form of kratom with several medicinal features. Typically the extract is twice more powerful than other kratom mediums. It is prudent to take it in small quantities. For example, you could take one gram of the extract for mild effects, two grams for moderate effects and 4 grams for sedative effects.

Some people use powder to make kratom juice. You can add it to cranberry, pineapple or orange juice to neutralize its strong taste. Put little powder in an empty cup and add 200ml of your preferred juice. Stir it thoroughly to dissolve the powder. You can take the juice at any time of the day. Kratom is an effective alternative medicine. It stimulates people who take low and moderate doses. Generally, a high dosage might sedate you. Some users claim that kratom has similar effects to those of opiates. It contains alkaloids which are powerful receptor agonists. Nevertheless, the drug doesn’t cause addiction. It is suitable for treating opiate addiction.

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