Kratom Capsules vs Extract: Which is Better?

Kratom Capsules vs Extract: Which is Better?

Mitragyna speciose, also known as Kratom is a tropical tree which is often found in Southeast Asia. It is indigenous to Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand. Many people use it as a stimulant. You can consume it in different forms including Kratom extract, capsules, and powder. However, most consumers struggle to choose the right Kratom product. Read on to learn more about Kratom capsules and extract.

Kratom Capsules

Some people opt to take Kratom capsules due to their bitter taste. The capsules come in different sizes. For example, the smallest capsules contain 0.3 grams of Kratom while the largest ones contain 1 gram of Kratom. The capsules have several advantages. They are convenient compared to Kratom powder thus enabling you to take the right dose. You can easily carry the capsules to school or your workplace. Besides, they are easy to swallow.

Kratom Extract

Kratom extract is a concentrated form of Kratom. It is brewed by crushing Kratom leaves on a clean surface. Allow the water to evaporate to get a thick paste. You can transform the powder into oil, powder, resin or tincture. All extracts are labeled using a digit and an x, for example, Kratom 15x. It shows the amount of Kratom that was used to make a specific quantity of the extract.

Physicians recommend taking small doses of Kratom extract. It has similar results to those you get when you take Kratom powder. Some patients prefer taking it in liquid form for their bodies to absorb it faster.

Differences between Kratom Capsules and Kratom Extract

Here are some variations between Kratom extract and capsules:

Variety: There are two types of Kratom capsules, extract powder and regular powder capsules. They are more costly than ordinary Kratom powder. Extract capsules are 45 times more powerful than powder capsules. However, there is only one type of Kratom extract.

Price: Most Kratom users are concerned about the prices of various products. Cheaper Kratom products are in high demand, unlike expensive forms. Capsules are more expensive than Kratom extract. The extract is normally vacuum packed to increase its durability. Some manufacturers add silica gel to prevent the extract from absorbing moisture. Startups struggle to produce capsules. They require advanced technology to transform the powder into capsules. It is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process.

Convenience: Some consumers consider the convenience of certain drugs when buying them rather than their price. Capsules have a higher concentration than Kratom extract. At times, you might consume a high dose than the recommended one. Besides, capsules last longer than the extract. They are easy to handle and consume. It is necessary to make juice, chocolate or to add water to Kratom extract to reduce its bitterness.

The capsules are kosher depending on your dietary needs and restrictions. Some vendors sell vegetarian or gelatin capsules. However, they take longer to cure certain ailments compared to Kratom extract. Most Kratom products don’t cause any side effects. However, there are different kratom strains including Thai, white vein or red vein kratom. Kratom is used as a sedative, stimulant and an energy booster. It cures skeletal disorders. Kratom capsules are better than Kratom extract. They are cheaper and more convenient. Also, it is easy to estimate the amount of Kratom each capsule contains. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consult a licensed physician to avoid taking a Kratom overdose.

Different Kratom strains by color


This is the strongest strain that can give pain relief and good mood to those who need it. The effect can last up to 8 hours.


If you want an energy boost, white is the right strain for you. This can also help others who are having sleep problems, depression, and concentration difficulty. The effect of this strain lasts from 3 to 5 hours.


This has a relaxation and analgesia effect; both of these things are sought by many. This can also help in opiate withdrawal symptoms and can have an effect for up to 5 hours.

What are the most common kratom strains?

Maeng Da Kratom

This is one of the strongest strains that you can buy. This is very popular among people who do a lot of manual and mental tasks because Maeng Da Kratom can boost mental focus and energy. Even though work is so hard, taking this strain will make it more tolerable and it can also put you in a good mood.

This strain can relieve moderate pain and is safe to use. This makes it popular to many people. You get pain relief without adverse effects.


This strain has a lot of effects because of the high Mitragynine content. It can give a lot of energy, increase one’s focus, and have more energy to do a lot of things. It can also have a mood-enhancing effect. The green and white Thai Kratom are good for this purpose.


This one is said to be the most affordable strain that you can buy in the market today because it is very easy to make. This has more effects such as pain reliever, stimulant, appetite suppressant or stimulant, and it can also play a role in weight loss.


This has sedating effects and the user must be very careful when using this strain. This was used to treat stress and insomnia especially the green one. It can also be used to treat opiate addiction. This strain also functions as a stimulant and anti-inflammatory. You can also get a high when using this.

These strains should give you an idea on the type of strain you need based on what affects you want to achieve.

Malaysian Kratom

This strain can work as a stimulant when used in low doses. You can have increased energy. However, when you increase the dose, it has a sedative effect. Many users use this strain for focus and increased mental performance.


This strain can also help in opiate withdrawal, relaxation, and mood improvement. Indo Kratom also has analgesic effects that can last for an extended time. When you want to relieve pain, the red Indo vein is best. If you are using Kratom for the first time, be sure to start with low doses first. The effects may differ from person to person. It is also important to note that there is a possibility that the body can develop tolerance. Hence you must change strain every once in a while.

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