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The Origins and History of Kratom: A Comprehensive Overview

The Origins and History of Kratom: A Comprehensive Overview


Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a plant deeply rooted in the cultural and medicinal history of Southeast Asia. Its rich legacy spans centuries, with a complex tapestry of traditional use and modern discovery. In this article, we’ll delve into the origins, historical significance, and cultural evolution of kratom.

Ancient Roots and Traditional Use

Kratom’s story begins in the lush rainforests of Southeast Asia, particularly in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Indigenous communities in these regions have long revered kratom for its medicinal properties and cultural significance. For generations, kratom leaves were traditionally chewed, brewed into teas, or used in various folk remedies to alleviate pain, boost energy, and manage various ailments.

Cultural Significance and Rituals

Within the fabric of Southeast Asian cultures, kratom holds a revered place. It was often integrated into rituals, ceremonies, and communal gatherings. In some communities, it was believed to possess spiritual attributes, connecting individuals to their ancestors and natural surroundings. Kratom played a multifaceted role, acting as a social lubricant, a symbol of hospitality, and a means of enhancing work productivity among laborers.

Colonial Influence and Modern Discovery

During the colonial era, kratom garnered attention beyond its native regions. Its properties attracted explorers and botanists, leading to documentation and eventual dissemination of knowledge about its existence. While traditional use persisted, the plant gained recognition in the Western world for its potential medicinal applications, particularly in managing pain and providing a natural alternative for various health concerns.

Contemporary Use and Global Awareness

In recent decades, kratom has gained substantial popularity globally, with an increasing number of individuals exploring its potential benefits. Its availability in various forms, including powders, capsules, and extracts, has contributed to its accessibility. However, this surge in popularity has also brought about debates regarding its regulation, safety, and legal status in different parts of the world.


The journey of kratom from its ancient origins in Southeast Asia to its current global presence is a testament to its enduring relevance and intrigue. Its historical significance within traditional cultures and its contemporary resurgence in the modern world paint a vivid picture of a botanical treasure with a complex and multifaceted legacy. Understanding kratom’s origins and cultural heritage is pivotal in appreciating its value while acknowledging the need for responsible usage and further scientific exploration into its effects and potential applications.

The Science of Kratom: How Does It Work in the Body?

The Science of Kratom: How Does It Work in the Body?


Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a natural plant native to Southeast Asia that has gained popularity in recent years. People use kratom for various purposes, such as pain relief and relaxation. But how does kratom work in the body? In this article, we’ll explore the science behind kratom’s mechanisms and shed light on its effects.

Kratom Alkaloids

Kratom’s effects can be attributed to its alkaloid content. Alkaloids are naturally occurring compounds found in various plants, and in the case of kratom, two primary alkaloids are responsible for its effects: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids interact with the body’s systems in unique ways.

  1. Binding to Opioid Receptors

The primary mechanism by which kratom exerts its effects is through its interaction with opioid receptors in the brain. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine bind to these receptors, but the binding process is more selective and less potent than that of synthetic opioids. This is why kratom is sometimes used as an alternative for pain relief by those seeking a more natural approach.

  1. Stimulation and Sedation

Kratom’s effects can vary depending on the strain and dosage. Some strains are more stimulating, while others are more sedating. This is due to the interaction of kratom’s alkaloids with different receptor types. Stimulation is often associated with lower doses and the binding of mitragynine to delta receptors, while sedation is linked to the interaction with mu receptors.

  1. Serotonin and Mood Regulation

Kratom also has an impact on the release of serotonin and norepinephrine, which can affect mood and energy levels. Some users report improved mood and reduced anxiety when taking kratom. However, it’s important to note that the effects on mood can vary among individuals.

Safety and Tolerance

It’s crucial to be aware that while kratom’s interaction with opioid receptors can provide pain relief and relaxation, it can also lead to tolerance and dependency if not used responsibly. Over time, some individuals may require higher doses to achieve the same effects, which can potentially lead to adverse consequences. Therefore, it’s essential to use kratom mindfully and in moderation.


Understanding the science of how kratom works in the body is an important aspect of making informed decisions about its use. While kratom has potential benefits, it also carries certain risks, particularly when used irresponsibly. If you choose to use kratom, it’s crucial to be well-informed and exercise caution, as more research is needed to fully comprehend its long-term effects and safety profile. Always consult with a healthcare professional before using kratom, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are taking medications.

Which is the best kratom for anxiety?

Which is the best kratom for anxiety?

More than 300 million people all over the world are dealing with anxiety and depression, and that’s a huge number. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to find some ways to eliminate these issues naturally, and something as simple as kratom can help with that. Consuming kratom has the potential to help you eliminate migraines and a variety of other problems. So you have to wonder, what kratom is the right pick for anxiety? Let’s find out.

White Thai

White Thai is one of the best options if you want to have euphoric effects and also eliminate anxiety naturally. It’s actually a very clever idea, and using it can provide a very good experience. It has long lasting effects, even if the dosage is low. So you really have to pay attention to the dosage with this one, just to be safe. It’s one of the better recreational and learning strains. Do make sure that you stay away from any issues by using too much of it. Plus, it can boost your energy levels, which is a great benefit as well.

Green Malay

Many use Green Malay because it has a rather analgesic effect. This strain has managed to appeal to a lot of people due to its cognitive boosting properties. It can also make you more alert, while also eliminating anxiety with great success as well. Just like white thai, Green Malay is also great in small doses. Ideally, you want to go with a smaller dosage, and then you can up the ante gradually, without worries.

Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da also has euphoric effects. This one can also help you manage your social anxiety, it comes with analgesic effects, plus it can remove depression, so it’s good all around. That alone makes it amazing and just a very good pick as a whole. And yes, it can be great for some mental stimulation too, just keep that in mind.

Red Bali

Red Bali does a very good job when it comes to eliminating anxiety from your life that day. It can help improve your mood, and it can also keep you away from stress. You get to be happier, more relaxed, and focused on those things you need to do. That makes it one of the very best choices when it comes to dealing with anxiety and other challenges.


At the end of the day, kratom can be great if you want to eliminate anxiety and stress naturally. Depending on the strain, it can also make you more alert, it might even boost your energy levels and provide you with better focus. It’s a very good idea to give kratom a try if you want to improve your life even a tiny bit, and it can bring in some amazing results. You just have to take your time, and you will be very happy with the results. At the end of the day, you will be very impressed with the resilience and great properties of kratom, so don’t hesitate and give any of these strains a try!

How to Make Kratom Tincture?

How to Make Kratom Tincture?

The kratom tincture is basically a kratom extract, but it’s diluted with a liquid base. You still get all the alkaloids and other great compounds present in kratom. However, in the case of a kratom tincture, you can also get a kratom oil dosage a lot quicker and with better efficiency in most cases. You can find a variety of tincture types here.

The most common one is the kratom full spectrum tincture, where the finished tincture has all the kratom compounds. Then you have other options that are fully focused only on certain kratom compounds, like specific alkaloids for example.

Should you use kratom tincture instead of powder?

There are many reasons why you want to use kratom tinctures over powder. Tinctures are highly concentrated, so the dosage is lower than you expect, due to its power. It also acts a lot faster, since it’s distributed in a liquid form. It reaches the destination a lot quicker, which is very important to take into consideration here. Plus, a kratom tincture is very easy to use and adapt to your own requirements.

You also have other benefits like kratom tinctures being very portable, so you can easily carry them around the way you want without issues. You also have a very good way to store them, since they won’t dry out and they can maintain their properties for quite some time. It’s ok to use any type of strain you want based on you needs, go with something dependable and powerful if possible.

How can you prepare your own kratom tincture at home?

What do you need:

  • A scale
  • Kratom powder
  • 80-100 proof ethanol or ethyl alcohol
  • A large mason jar
  • pH strips
  • citric acid
  • cheesecloth
  • dark glass tincture boxes
  • A funnel

Steps to prepare your own kratom tincture:

  • First you want to measure your ethyl alcohol and kratom proportions, then mix it all together. Ideally you want to use 1 liter of ethyl alcohol for every 4 ounces of kratom. Put the kratom in the jar first, then you add the ethyl alcohol and stir.
  • Now you want to add citric acid to the mixture until it has a pH level of 4. It takes a bit of a trial and error, but use the pH strips to ensure you have the best results here.
  • Seal the mason jar, then store the mixture in a dark, cool place for a week. You can even let it sit for 2 weeks.
  • Strain the mixture. Shake the jar before opening it, pour the liquid via a strainer and then remove any powder from the mason jar. You want to use the funnel in order to place your liquid mixture in the jar.
  • Make sure that you cover the mason jar with cheesecloth and allow the liquid to evaporate.
  • Lastly, you must fill the tincture bottles and enjoy your kratom tincture!


As you can see, preparing your kratom tinctures does take a bit of time, but it’s definitely worth it. This delivers a very good experience and results, and you will surely appreciate the great results and quality. It’s definitely a process that will take a bit to master, but if you stick to these guidelines, you will be more than ok!

How to Make Kratom Tea?

How to Make Kratom Tea?

Kratom tea is a very popular type of herbal tea. Even if kratom is a relative of the coffee plant, you don’t have to worry about any caffeine. Instead, kratom tea has a lot of alkaloids that bring in a variety of great benefits to drinkers. People enjoy kratom tea for a multitude of reasons. For starters, it has 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine which are both known to energize you. Plus, kratom tea can help you relax and unwind, while also increasing your resistance to pain.

Preparing kratom tea with a strainer

  • In order to prepare kratom tea with a strainer, you will have to use a large bowl and boil 4-6 cups of water. Then you will have to add the desired amount of kratom powder or leaves, as you see fit.
  • Once that is done, you want to let that mixture simmer for around 15 minutes, maybe a bit more in some cases.
  • Add all the contents in a strainer or a coffee filter. When you use powder, make sure that the powder remnants are settling at the bottom. In case you want to sweeten everything, then add honey or sweetener and then stir. You can sweeten every serving instead of the entire thing.
  • Lastly, you want to store the remaining tea in the fridge and you can heat it up whenever you want. Or you can enjoy it over ice, depending on your preference.

Preparing kratom tea without a strainer

  • You will need to measure around a teaspoon of powdered kratom leaf
  • Make sure that you boil 2-4 cups of water. While you can use more water, keep in mind that adding more will just dilute the flavor, so it’s not ideal.
  • You should pour hot water onto the kratom powder in a large container, then stir until there are no clumps of powder.
  • Sweeten your tea with honey, or you can use lemon if you want.
  • You should only drink your kratom tea after it’s cooled down. Some even allow the powder to settle down to the bottom before they drink it. That’s up to you, all you need is to take your time and make the right pick according to your needs.

Will boiling your kratom tea kill alkaloids?

That’s not the case. These are stable even at temperatures well above the boiling temperatures. So you don’t have to worry that your kratom tea will lose any of its benefits. If anything, it will retain them, so you can rest assured it will deliver some great results every time. Which is the right thing to keep in mind here.


Preparing your kratom tea is not that hard, you just need the right tools and guidelines. We recommend you avoid any rush and follow all the instructions listed above if you want to prepare your tea wisely. It will take a little bit of time to ensure that you get the right results. But at the end of the day, it’s a great idea to prepare your own kratom tea, and you will be very happy with the experience. This is a very healthy drink and one whose benefits you will feel for quite some time!

What Does Kratom Taste Like?

What Does Kratom Taste Like?

Aside from kratom’s many benefits, there’s one thing that all users can agree on. Kratom does not taste good. This varies from each user however, many report that it has a strong overpowering smell and texture. Kratom is an herb so it may be a little easier to endure than chemicals or more synthetic medicines typically given to you at a pharmacy. It also comes in powder form which gives you a variety of ways to consume. We have a great article on the best ways to take kratom powder that will help give you different ideas on how to avoid this taste.

So, what does it taste like? We’ll try to be as descriptive as possible to give you a sense of what kratom tastes like so you get a better sense of whether you’re willing to try it or not. Firstly, kratom powder is essentially ground up kratom leaves into a fine substance. It takes a lot for it to be dissolved in water. This is important to note because the taste/texture is extremely affected by how water soluble it is. When you put straight kratom into your mouth and try to have it dissolved by your saliva, it will clump up instead of dissolving into liquid. Clumping up makes it extremely difficult to swallow. Instead of powdered candy like fun-dip, the powder combines to make a more chalky substance that will stick all over your mouth. It can take a lot to remove this from your mouth. This is why we recommend the toss and wash method that will get most of the powder down your throat without staying in your mouth.

The texture of kratom is one aspect that makes it difficult to consume. If kratom had a sweet flavor this might not seem that bad but what comes next is kratom’s strong herbal and bitter taste. If you were to smell powder, it merely smells like green tea. The taste can be much more pungent. It becomes a bitter taste on your tongue. Imagine eating more powdered dirt and you can get a better idea of how it tastes/feels in your mouth. Many report it as earthy. Some even say it tastes like a sharper type of tea. 

Kratom’s preference for taste definitely varies from user to user. Some enjoy the strong herbal/bitter taste. Similar to how some people may hate the smell of marijuana while other love it, kratom can be a bit polarizing. Another thing to note is that different strains, vendors, and types can have an effect on how it tastes as well. For the most part kratom has a strong leaf taste but how bitter it is can range. We highly recommend trying it for yourself to see whether kratom powder is right for you. If anything, we suggest buying kratom powder so you don’t need to deal with the taste. If you’re still interested in the taste, you can pop open a capsule and give it a try. 

Capsules of kratom are one of the best ways to avoid the taste while getting an accurate amount of kratom each time. One negative aspect of kratom capsules is that it can take a lot of capsules to consume to get the right dosage. If you’re looking to be a long-term user of kratom, we recommend testing out all the different ways to take kratom. Some report that they initially did not like the kratom taste but grew to enjoy it over time. Getting accustomed to the taste can greatly improve your experience with kratom.

Best Kratom Vendors from Reddit

Best Kratom Vendors from Reddit

With kratom getting more popular, it’s gained a huge community of devout users. You can find tons of communities and forums online with people discussing kratom. Since it’s such a diverse plant, there are many tips and tricks that people share with each other. From strains to top vendors, you can find almost all the anecdotal information you need online. Arguably one of the most popular places to discuss kratom nowadays is on Reddit. If you don’t know what Reddit is, it’s a type of forum that has communities on various topics they call ‘subreddits’. Reddit users or ‘Redditors can post links, videos, or text related to kratom subreddits. The more posts or comments are upvoted, the higher the post goes. It’s a great way to find information that is widely agreed upon by many kratom users. Various people will do DD or due diligence on strains, vendors, blogs, and more. Reddit is a valuable place to find the best kratom vendors according to people’s personal experiences and research. Here we’ll go through some of the best online vendors according to Reddit from 2018 to 2021.

1. Kratom Spot

There’s a subreddit called r/kratomvendor that used to be a hot place to discuss different kratom vendors by Redditors. It’s died down a bit now but that doesn’t mean that some of the information isn’t valuable. According to this subreddit’s community guidelines, they recommend KratomSpot based on where they have personally ordered from. Generally, the people who moderate these subreddits are well versed in kratom and can be trusted. However, we always recommend doing your own research. Along with their recommendation, a Redditor made a long DD post on Kratom Spot that details their experience. This post made by a Redditor that was updated in 2020 states that they have a wide range of extracts, powders, and capsules. They also say they have fast shipping as well as affordable pricing. Not only do they have great pricing and shipping, but KratomSpot is also transparent with its location and contact. They are based in Orange, CA, and have a direct phone number for customer support. If you’ve ever bought kratom online you know that many places can be difficult to get a hold of. KratomSpot offers a 100% refund for any customer who is not completely satisfied as well. According to Reddit, this is one of the best vendors online that you can be safe to try.

2. Mitragaia

You can’t go on kratom subreddits without coming across Mitragaia at least once. Many avid users have tried Mitragaia and have recommended it as one of their top vendors. What makes them unique is that they are always consistent and compliant with the law. They measure to asses the GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice. This is important for any users who are looking to make sure they get high-quality product. Not only are they compliant, they also have a wide selection of strains, samples, and tablets. Yes you read that correctly, they are one of the few vendors that actually sell kratom tablets. We haven’t found any information on reddit regarding their tablets however it is nice to go to a vendor that has options. What makes them one of the best vendors is that they have a point system. If you’re a consistent user, you can get discounts when you buy more kratom. They also have over 22,000 likes on Facebook. This is huge social proof that they are a reputable vendor across the board. Don’t just take our word for it, check out their site and try them today.

3. Happy Hippo Herbals

Since 2018 this vendor is regarded as one of the best vendors according to reddit and many kratom forums alike. Happy Hippo Herbals has some of the top strains and qualities of kratom on the market. They are usually the first kratom vendor people buy from due to their friendly looking branding. Happy Hippo Herbals are also known for their fast customer service due to them being a family business. Most vendors are big corporations that either care little about customer service or don’t have any. One negative is that their pricing can be a bit higher. If pricing is less of an issue for you and you’d like higher quality product with great customer service then happy hippo herbals might be worth taking a look at. They also allow various types of payments such as credit card, ACH, and even popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. There have been a few accounts on reddit of people saying different strains vary in strength but this is consistent with most vendors. They have samples as well as energy shots if you want another great way to take kratom.

4. New Dawn Kratom

Many users on Reddit are reporting that New Dawn Kratom is their new favorite vendor. One post made in January 2021 has 7 upvotes but 124 comments regarding this vendor. The majority of the comments seem to be positive in terms of customer service and quality. What alarms us is that some of these Reddit users may be bots or paid comments. At face value, however, a lot of the comments seem thorough, well-written, and detailed. We believe that they are one of the best up-and-coming vendors based on community discussions on Reddit. Customer service seems to be the reason Redditors are raving about this vendor. Many mention that their customer service seems to be extremely responsive. As we mentioned before, this is huge in the kratom community, especially with online orders. Secondly, their prices are extremely impressive. They’re probably one of the cheapest vendors according to Reddit. For nearly double the quantity, you are paying nearly half as much as some other vendors. It’s not a clear cut winner when it comes to deciding who’s the best but it sure adds a lot of value especially when some users need a higher dose or use  it more frequently. Last thing we’ll say is that a representative even went so far as to comment on this post. That goes above and beyond most vendors we’ve seen in the past. We recommend checking them out and seeing if the hype is real!

5. GoldenMonk

This is a vendor that we see getting mentioned pretty often on Reddit. They are undoubtedly one of the biggest kratom vendors in the market. Across various forums, coupon sites, blogs, and more you can find them being mentioned. Aside from seeing their marketing across the web, many users report that they have great quality. They are third-party lab tested which gives ease to many users. Golden Monk is recognized as one of the best kratom vendors because they are a part of the American Kratom Association GMP program to make sure that all their kratom powders and capsules pass standards before being sold. Redditors also report that they have gotten their shipments quickly. This will vary depending on where you are in the world or the U.S. but they do same-day shipping on orders before 10:00 am based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re constantly looking for great deals, Golden Monk has a reputation for consistently doing sales around the holidays. At the time of writing this, they gave 15% to all their customers for Easter weekend in April 2021. Not a bad discount considering they already have great prices. Across the board, Golden Monk seems to be a top contender when it comes to kratom. For great shipping, quality, prices, and customer service, Golden Monk is a great choice!

Notable mentions

Apex Kratom

If you’ve spent a little time on our blog, you may have seen Apex Kratom mentioned a few times. While we’re not huge on Reddit or as big as these other companies, we value high-quality kratom. As avid users ourselves we believe have the credibility when we say that we are one of the best vendors on the market! Since we’re still small, we give every order 100% of our attention. We take great pride in being able to tend to each customer with all of our attention. Apex Kratom is a small family-owned business that believes kratom can be a life-changing plant to heal many ailments. This is why we spend so much time giving out free content on this blog to help inform and guide people to use kratom safely. Not only do we care about customer service, we care about affordability. We have free kratom samples of all our strains! All you need to do is pay for shipping and you’ll get 10g in the mail with no issues. We’re confident you’ll want to come back. If not, there’s not much you’ll lose besides shipping. We offer powder, capsules, and bulk pricing of all our strains. Try us out to see if we can be your one-stop-shop for all things kratom! If you like us, tell others on Reddit that you think we’re the best vendor or a great vendor to try.

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What is the strongest or most potent kratom?

What is the strongest or most potent kratom?

Kratom is known for all of its medicinal properties. From pain relief to anxiety, kratom can do wonders for the body. If you’re just starting out your kratom journey then it’s common to try to find the strongest kratom. The strength of kratom can depend on a few different factors. Some factors include the vendor/source, age, strain, amount, and more. If you’ve been buying kratom from somewhere but haven’t had results that you want then it’s important to take into consideration that it could be either one of those issues. When thinking about what is the strongest kratom strain, the answer can be difficult. Here we’ll break down what we believe is the strongest strain, and where to buy the strongest kratom strain.

Strongest Kratom veins

The first step in figuring the strength of kratom is to look at the color of kratom veins. Kratom typically has common effects across the board but each colored vein has the enhancement of specific properties. The 3 different colors are Red, Green, and White.


Typically used for calming effects and sleep aid. Red veins are known to relax the body as well as ease the mind. Many people use it for anxiety or pain relief. It’s a great starter strain that will help calm your entire body. If you’re looking for a strong kratom strain specifically for sleep issues or body aches, red veins can be beneficial to you. It may not necessarily be the strongest kratom if you’re looking for wakefulness or stimulation but different red vein kratom strains are great to help relax you after a long day.


This vein is a great starter vein and we believe would be the least strong color vein. This is because green veins are a hybrid of red and white. The strength and effects are between red and white. While red is relaxing and white is stimulating, green is somewhere in the middle. If you’re looking to be on one end or the other of the spectrum, it may be worth trying a different vein color.


For a more uplifting effect, white veins are perfect. Many reports say that white veins can be an extremely strong stimulant. It is a great replacement for coffee if you’re looking to change things up. If you’re looking to ease the pain while still being able to get work done throughout the day, then white veins can be great for you. White veins are the strongest kratom vein when it comes to energy and focus. There are a lot of people who say white vein kratom strains are much more strong than coffee because they can also boost mood as well as motivation. 

Strongest Kratom Strains

Not only does kratom come in different colors, but there are also various strains. Most of these strains are derived from the area that they are extracted from. With each strain comes different effects and purposes. Here is a list of some of the most potent strains of kratom on the market. 

Maeng Da

Arguably the most popular strain on the market, Maeng da is also one of the most powerful. Maeng da is loosely translated to ‘pimp grade’ which references how strong it is. This strain is available in all three colors. So whether you’re looking for something stimulating or relaxing, this can be perfect for you. Maeng da is one of the most popular strains because there are a lot of people who report that it has consistently strong effects. In most cases, Maeng da is considered a premium strain. If you want something strong across the board for pain relief, anxiety, and mood. It’s the strain with the most alkaloids, 7-hydroxy and mitragynine. You can’t go wrong with the classic Maeng da if you’re looking for strong kratom!


This comes from the popular Indonesian island of Bali! It’s harvested in their vast rainforest. Bali but more specifically, red Bali is known to be one of the most popular for pain relief. Many have reported that red Bali is the strongest if you have muscle or joint pain. As we mentioned earlier, red is the best strain for relaxation and calming effects. The Bali strain has a combination of chemicals that help improve mood and relieve stress levels. There are as many as 25 alkaloids including 7-hydroxy mitragynine, Mitragynine, mitraphylline, speciogynine, and 9-hydroxycorynantheidine. All of these chemicals combine to create ease and elevation in mood. It’s more of a ‘downer’. If you’re looking for a strong strain for pain relief or relaxation then Bali would be great. 


Harvested from one of the third largest islands in the world, Borneo is one of the best. White vein Borneo is considered to be one of the strongest strains out on the market. Borneo has one of the highest energizing alkaloids compared to other strains. Most consumers who take Borneo report that it’s the strongest for energy and focus. Kratom in general has similar effects to coffee but white Borneo is arguably the closest. Along with giving you energy, Borneo gives you improved concentration, relaxation, and endurance to get you through the day. This strain is known to affect the mind over the body. When you’re working throughout the day and looking for a pick-me-up, Borneo is perfect. Long projects will seem much easier if you take Borneo. Not only will it give you a boost in energy, but Borneo is also great for a little mood lift. If you’re wondering what the strongest kratom is for energy, White Borneo is the best hands down. 

In conclusion:

There are a lot of different factors that you can look at when it comes to thinking about what the strongest kratom is. From the color to the strain, kratom’s effects can vary greatly. We highly recommend reviewing our blog post and seeing what you need in a strong kratom. If you’re looking for a relaxing type of kratom for pain relief, you should look into red strains. We specifically recommend the red Bali strain as the strongest kratom for pain relief. If you want the strongest kratom that helps with energy and mood then white Borneo could be the strain for you. It’s important to look at the colors first before the strains because that is where you’ll find the most differences in finding the best kratom for your specific needs.

What is Green Borneo Kratom and What You Should Know

What is Green Borneo Kratom and What You Should Know

Kratom is an Asian herb that is booming in popularity. It’s a pivotal part of some southeast Asian countries to help combat physical pain. It’s one of the best natural alternatives to pharmaceutical pain killers that doctors are prescribing. Along with it being natural, it has less addictive properties. That being said, do your research. One of the most preferred types of kratom strain is the Green Borneo.

Effects of Green Borneo vs Red and White

The effects of green Borneo vary from person to person however some benefits are reported across the board. There are 3 types of Borneo veins: green, red, and white. Each color has its own properties. Green veins tend to be the most popular because green is in the middle between red and white. It is not too relaxing but also not overwhelmingly energizing. It’s perfect for new and experienced users alike. There are a lot of reports that describe green veins, specifically green Borneo, effects as more subtle. Many people state that green Borneo helps them with alertness as well as a flow state. Depending on your specific reason for using kratom, this can be beneficial to you. Green veins are also known to negate social anxiety. Some users report an increased sense of well-being and disregard for people’s impressions or opinions. Medicinally, green veins are great all around. 

Green Borneo for Pain Relief

Green Borneo is a popular strain for pain relief because of the high levels of concentrations of alkaloids. This gives higher analgesic effects that help with people’s acute pain in their joints or even migraines. Physical and mental healing simultaneously is one of the reasons why green Borneo strain is so popular. Alkaloids are the chemical agent that helps with pain relief. Always check to compare which strains have more alkaloids if you are using green Borneo for pain relief. The main alkaloids contained in green Borneo include Mitragynine, 7-Hydroxymitragynine, Speciogynine, Mitraphylline, and 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine.

Green Borneo for Energy Boost

Kratom or mitragyna speciosa is a tropical tree in the coffee family. Since it comes from the same roots as coffee, it has mild stimulating properties. Some strains are more energetic than others. Green Borneo gives a lighter boost compared to the white vein. If you’re seeking an extreme lift in energy, you may want to try a different strain however it’s still great for a mild boost in focus especially if you take it on an empty stomach. For the green vein Borneo strain specifically, there have been reports of increased ability to concentrate, retain information, and even some higher sex drives. It’s not necessarily a nootropic but its properties are very similar. If you’re looking to find natural pain relief as well as an energy boost, green Boris a great option.

Green Borneo for Anxiety and Depression

Different colored veins have higher or lower effects on mood. Green veins are a great middle-ground with a bit of sedation and some energy boost. Red can help with mood-boosting but it is also more sedative so there are users that report it to be more of a downer. White is energetic which can give a happier mood. Green Bonero’s effects on anxiety are great if you want mild help throughout the day. Since Borneo has higher levels of mitragynine it gives antidepressant effects. Unfortunately, there’s currently little research on kratom’s effect on mood and it has not been reviewed by the FDA. There has been one 2017 review that reports that kratom enhances mood and relieves anxiety. 

Side Effects of Green Borneo

Green Borneo has similar side effects to most another kratom. They aren’t anything major or to be extremely worried about but they are important to note. As we mentioned before green Borneo has mild stimulating effects because it is from the coffee tree family. There have been reports of users who aren’t used to the energy boost which can make them jittery. Kratom in general requires a decent amount of powder to consume to feel the effects especially if you’re a seasoned user. Another common side effect of this can be nausea and dizziness. Beware of green Borneo effects because though it can be beneficial, there are some unpleasant sides. Always do your research and proceed with caution when trying out new strains like green Borneo kratom.

Should I buy Green Borneo Kratom and where?

Though there are different benefits to each strain, do not get analysis paralysis trying to decide which to use. The most notable differences are between the colored veins. The strains themselves like Maeng Da, Bali, & Indo do make a difference but nothing worth spending weeks deciding on. Find places that have free kratom samples so you can test which you enjoy!

Apex Kratom

Here at Apex Kratom, we have popular strains like Maeng Da to Borneo. We provide FREE shipping as well as free samples. We believe it’s of utmost importance to let our customers try before you buy. Especially if you are new to kratom. Effects of green Borneo vary from vendors & people so just be ready if you buy in bulk. Find other sources of green vein Borneo on Reddit or through google. We believe we have the highest-grade lab-tested powder but everyone has their preferences. 

At the end of the day, depending on what you are using kratom for, Green Borneo may or may not be for you. As a mild stimulant, while still giving you pain relief, Borno kratom can be great. If you want a more energizing experience then try White Borneo. As always, DYOR (do your research)

Can You Smoke Kratom and Should You?

Can You Smoke Kratom and Should You?

Though kratom is commonly found in smoke shops, it is not recommended to try smoking kratom. Yes, kratom is a multifaceted leaf. It can be used therapeutically, medicinally, or recreationally. But even though it can be used in all these ways, we think kratom should only be ingested. 

Can you smoke kratom?

Kratom is a leaf that’s been used for many years by indigenous people. There are records of kratom being used ceremoniously to enhance human abilities. Plant-based psychoactive substances have had a long tradition in cultures. From smoking ayahuasca to eating psilocybin mushrooms, using substances has been a part of humans throughout history. There are many people who seek out plant-based drugs like kratom to enhance their life. It has been recorded that indigenous people would smoke kratom according to the book “Kratom and Other Mitragynines”. So yes, kratom can be smoked. But be very cautious. Smoking kratom powder, extract, or resin can be very harmful and painful to the lungs.

How is kratom smoked?

People who smoke kratom are able to get it in it’s natural leaf state. In most countries like the United States, you’d be hard pressed to find somewhere that sells raw kratom leaves. Kratom in its natural leaf form is much easier to extract and smoke. Indigenous people would dry the leaves, roll it into a pellet, and smoke it that way. You can smoke kratom but it is NOT recommended especially if you have powder. There have been accounts of using kratom powder like keef and sprinkling it on tobacco or marijuana. This is also not recommended because mixing substances can be dangerous. The effects of smoking kratom alone have not been tested in many clinical studies. Combining that with another substance with psychoactive effects can have many risks. 

Effects of smoking kratom

Like many substances, kratom can have mildly uncomfortable side effects. This may include nausea, constipation, loss of appetite, and more. These are mild effects that vary from person to person when ingested. Smoking kratom can greatly enhance these negative properties due to the way its chemistry interacts with heat. The heat will destroy the alkaloids in the kratom. Not only will its chemical makeup change when inhaled, but kratom’s dosage is also much more difficult to gauge when it is smoked. When kratom is ingested, it is easy to weigh out based on grams. Smoking kratom is not as easy to do. Thus you may end up taking more than the recommended dose. Of course, this is never advisable for any substance. You greatly increase the odds of it having adverse effects on your body.

Not only will kratoms negative effects increase if you smoke it, but there are also a few other side effects that may come with the act of smoking alone. There aren’t studies that link these effects directly with kratom however, there are many studies that look at the cause of smoking in general. We are merely suggesting that you be aware of the possible consequences and be informed.

  • Possible lung damage
  • Increased risk of lung cancer
  • Possible throat damage
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakened immune system

Exercise caution if you’re considering smoking kratom. Understand the risks that come with smoking kratom. 

Benefits of smoking kratom? Why do people smoke kratom?

We recommend against smoking kratom however there are a few benefits to smoking kratom. In our opinion these positives do not outweigh the negatives and are only described to give more information to our readers about smoking kratom. 

People will smoke kratom vs ingesting kratom because you will feel its effects within minutes depending on the dosage or how you smoke it. When kratom is ingested, it typically takes 1-2 hours to fully feel its effects. It’s important to note that the quicker the onset of effects, the quicker those effects may subside. If you’re looking for long lasting effects, you may want to ingest it orally. 

Another reason people may smoke kratom as opposed to swallowing it, is that you don’t feel full. Kratom is known for higher dosages to feel moderate effects. Swallowing 4 grams of kratom or 8 x 500mg pills can be a bit much on your stomach. Again, we don’t believe that these benefits will outweigh the risks of smoking kratom. These are safer ways to taking kratom.

Alternative ways of taking kratom

In this blog post we outlined the best ways to take kratom. Kratom is a powerful plant that is still not widely known. In 2021 marijuana is just barely making strides in the U.S. and throughout the world. This puts kratom even further behind in the scientific community. Many more labs are looking into studying the effects of marijuana so it may be a while before we see heavy research on how smoking kratom affects the body. Until then, we suggest consuming kratom in these other ways that have had more research done.

Other resources on smoking kratom

At the end of the day, we want our readers to be informed about the effects of smoking kratom. Kratom is a wonderful medicinal plant that can benefit people’s lives greatly but can be harmful if not used correctly. Here are some other resources to look at if you’re still thinking about smoking kratom.

Smoking Kratom Reddit
CDC on Smoking
How to quit smoking kratom

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