How to Make Kratom Tincture?

How to Make Kratom Tincture?

The kratom tincture is basically a kratom extract, but it’s diluted with a liquid base. You still get all the alkaloids and other great compounds present in kratom. However, in the case of a kratom tincture, you can also get a kratom oil dosage a lot quicker and with better efficiency in most cases. You can find a variety of tincture types here.

The most common one is the kratom full spectrum tincture, where the finished tincture has all the kratom compounds. Then you have other options that are fully focused only on certain kratom compounds, like specific alkaloids for example.

Should you use kratom tincture instead of powder?

There are many reasons why you want to use kratom tinctures over powder. Tinctures are highly concentrated, so the dosage is lower than you expect, due to its power. It also acts a lot faster, since it’s distributed in a liquid form. It reaches the destination a lot quicker, which is very important to take into consideration here. Plus, a kratom tincture is very easy to use and adapt to your own requirements.

You also have other benefits like kratom tinctures being very portable, so you can easily carry them around the way you want without issues. You also have a very good way to store them, since they won’t dry out and they can maintain their properties for quite some time. It’s ok to use any type of strain you want based on you needs, go with something dependable and powerful if possible.

How can you prepare your own kratom tincture at home?

What do you need:

  • A scale
  • Kratom powder
  • 80-100 proof ethanol or ethyl alcohol
  • A large mason jar
  • pH strips
  • citric acid
  • cheesecloth
  • dark glass tincture boxes
  • A funnel

Steps to prepare your own kratom tincture:

  • First you want to measure your ethyl alcohol and kratom proportions, then mix it all together. Ideally you want to use 1 liter of ethyl alcohol for every 4 ounces of kratom. Put the kratom in the jar first, then you add the ethyl alcohol and stir.
  • Now you want to add citric acid to the mixture until it has a pH level of 4. It takes a bit of a trial and error, but use the pH strips to ensure you have the best results here.
  • Seal the mason jar, then store the mixture in a dark, cool place for a week. You can even let it sit for 2 weeks.
  • Strain the mixture. Shake the jar before opening it, pour the liquid via a strainer and then remove any powder from the mason jar. You want to use the funnel in order to place your liquid mixture in the jar.
  • Make sure that you cover the mason jar with cheesecloth and allow the liquid to evaporate.
  • Lastly, you must fill the tincture bottles and enjoy your kratom tincture!


As you can see, preparing your kratom tinctures does take a bit of time, but it’s definitely worth it. This delivers a very good experience and results, and you will surely appreciate the great results and quality. It’s definitely a process that will take a bit to master, but if you stick to these guidelines, you will be more than ok!

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