What Does Kratom Taste Like?

What Does Kratom Taste Like?

Aside from kratom’s many benefits, there’s one thing that all users can agree on. Kratom does not taste good. This varies from each user however, many report that it has a strong overpowering smell and texture. Kratom is an herb so it may be a little easier to endure than chemicals or more synthetic medicines typically given to you at a pharmacy. It also comes in powder form which gives you a variety of ways to consume. We have a great article on the best ways to take kratom powder that will help give you different ideas on how to avoid this taste.

So, what does it taste like? We’ll try to be as descriptive as possible to give you a sense of what kratom tastes like so you get a better sense of whether you’re willing to try it or not. Firstly, kratom powder is essentially ground up kratom leaves into a fine substance. It takes a lot for it to be dissolved in water. This is important to note because the taste/texture is extremely affected by how water soluble it is. When you put straight kratom into your mouth and try to have it dissolved by your saliva, it will clump up instead of dissolving into liquid. Clumping up makes it extremely difficult to swallow. Instead of powdered candy like fun-dip, the powder combines to make a more chalky substance that will stick all over your mouth. It can take a lot to remove this from your mouth. This is why we recommend the toss and wash method that will get most of the powder down your throat without staying in your mouth.

The texture of kratom is one aspect that makes it difficult to consume. If kratom had a sweet flavor this might not seem that bad but what comes next is kratom’s strong herbal and bitter taste. If you were to smell powder, it merely smells like green tea. The taste can be much more pungent. It becomes a bitter taste on your tongue. Imagine eating more powdered dirt and you can get a better idea of how it tastes/feels in your mouth. Many report it as earthy. Some even say it tastes like a sharper type of tea. 

Kratom’s preference for taste definitely varies from user to user. Some enjoy the strong herbal/bitter taste. Similar to how some people may hate the smell of marijuana while other love it, kratom can be a bit polarizing. Another thing to note is that different strains, vendors, and types can have an effect on how it tastes as well. For the most part kratom has a strong leaf taste but how bitter it is can range. We highly recommend trying it for yourself to see whether kratom powder is right for you. If anything, we suggest buying kratom powder so you don’t need to deal with the taste. If you’re still interested in the taste, you can pop open a capsule and give it a try. 

Capsules of kratom are one of the best ways to avoid the taste while getting an accurate amount of kratom each time. One negative aspect of kratom capsules is that it can take a lot of capsules to consume to get the right dosage. If you’re looking to be a long-term user of kratom, we recommend testing out all the different ways to take kratom. Some report that they initially did not like the kratom taste but grew to enjoy it over time. Getting accustomed to the taste can greatly improve your experience with kratom.

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