How long to feel the effects of kratom?

How long to feel the effects of kratom?

Kratom is a highly unique product that has a variety of properties depending on the strain. Each strain has its own effects from energy to pain relief. There are a lot of ways people have attempted to take kratom but the most common and safest way is to ingest it. If you ingest kratom you may be wondering how long it takes to feel kratom. We’ll go over the few different methods to take kratom orally and how long it will take before you feel the effects of kratom.

Taking kratom powder

If you have powdered kratom then you have a few different options on how to take it. A common way to take kratom powder is to do the toss n wash method which makes you take it straight down while chasing with your choice of liquid. If you take kratom this way then you will feel the effects much faster than if you were to ingest it mixed with liquid. Taking powder straight will have you feeling mild effects within 10-20 minutes and the full effects in about 45 minutes. It will vary for different body types. This is much faster than capsules or mixing because your body doesn’t need to break down the other substances. If you’re wondering what’s the fastest way to feel kratom then this is your best bet. To feel an even quicker onset of the effects of kratom then we suggest trying to take it on an empty stomach. This will ensure that your body is only processing kratom. But BE CAUTIOUS. Taking anything on an empty stomach will greatly enhance its effects. If you do try this method, we suggest eating something within maybe 10 minutes afterward to help soak in the kratom. This will also help to ease any nausea.

Taking kratom capsules

This is perhaps the slowest method to feeling kratom. If you take kratom capsules most likely you are taking 10+ at a time depending on the size of your capsules. A standard dose of kratom is about 3-5 grams and if you have 500mg capsules then you’ll probably be taking 8-10 capsules. If you take all 10 capsules we find that it takes 1-2 hours to feel the full effects. The first hour will be lighter and the second hour is when you’ll fully be feeling the properties of kratom. The reason why it’s such a long time is because your stomach needs to break down the capsules. 10 capsules is quite a lot for your body to break down all at once. To offset this, people try larger capsules like 750mg or 1g (very rare). Larger capsules are not as recommended because they are harder to swallow and if you take too many at once you may have a hard time swallowing it. Capsules can get stuck down your esophagus. An empty stomach will indeed give you quicker effects but capsules without food can give you reflux symptoms. The effects vary from different body types so it’s best to try in small doses first. 

Factors that affect how long kratom takes to kick in


Tolerance is a huge factor in how long it takes to feel kratoms effects. If you are a heavy user, your body might be more resistant to the effects of kratom. Not only will it take more kratom for you to feel it, the effects will take longer to feel.

Type of kratom

Kratom strains generally have similar onset times but any slight variation can affect how long it takes. There isn’t a set guideline on which strains take longer. We suggest testing yourself to see how it makes a difference. It may matter because some use kratom for focus and energy which means that a quicker onset of effects is better if you need to get work done. 

Kratom source

Where you get your kratom will 100% affect how long it takes. Kratom is sourced from a variety of different places. Purity and quality is really important to know to really see if you’ll feel it quicker or slower. Always do your research to make sure you are getting the highest quality and purest kratom.

Food in stomach

Your stomach is the powerhouse that allows your body to feel the wonderful effects of kratom. If you have an empty stomach like we mentioned earlier, you will feel the kratom much quicker. It’s a great way if you plan ahead to not eat before taking it but you may feel nauseous or discomfort. Taking kratom on a full stomach will give you a much slower onset of effects. Your body will need to process much more and therefore may take up to 2 hours. Always plan accordingly if you want to feel it’s effects at specific times.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of variables that can be considered in seeing how long kratom takes to kick in. It’s used in so many different ways so it is important to know these things. If you are using it for pain and need quick relief, we recommend taking the powder straight. If you have time and want to ease your body into the effects, capsules are a great way of slowly feeling kratom. Take all of these things into consideration before diving into kratom. It is powerful medicine and can affect people in a variety of ways. Always be careful.

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