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How to Parachute Kratom and Should You?

How to Parachute Kratom and Should You?

Kratom is a unique substance that has a host of different properties. Many people use it for back pain, anxiety, or even just as an energy booster. It’s a powerful herb that is beneficial to many people’s lives. Sounds great right? However, one caveat is that kratom has an immensely strong bitter taste. It may not be a big deal to some but if you do a bit of research on how to take kratom powder, you’ll find a host of ways people try to get around its taste. Here we’ll outline one of our favorite ways to take kratom powder.

What Is Parachuting?

Parachuting is a method of ingesting (typically powdered) substances. You are essentially wrapping the powder in a covering, like toilet paper, and then swallowing it. Parachuting kratom is a fantastic way to get your powdered kratom into your body without having to worry about the taste or smell. We have an article about the best ways to take kratom powder but hands down, this may be our favorite.

How to Parachute Kratom and Should You?

Do you have to use toilet paper?

Toilet paper is the most common way people parachute kratom and other substances. Everyone has toilet paper so it’s the obvious choice for people who want to try parachuting for their first time. It’s a great method but has its flaws. Swallowing toilet paper can be a big disgusting since it’s just sitting in your restroom. Also, a lot of people on Reddit & kratom forums report that they have almost choked on it. Be cautious and always test every new method with a small amount of kratom first. Some also report that it slows down or reduces the effects because the tissue paper is much thicker than capsules. BUT there is a better way than using toilet paper. 

Best alternative to using toilet paper to parachute kratom

Oblate discs hands down are the best replacement for toilet paper when parachuting kratom. What are oblate discs? Oblate discs or disks are thin edible transparent films that are made from starch. Originating from Japan, these discs were used for cooking but have branched out for medicinal purposes. Here’s an image if you’re having a hard time picturing what they look like.

How to Parachute Kratom and Should You?

It may look plastic and inedible but they’re far from that. They’re sometimes used to wrap Japanese candy so you can just eat the whole thing and not have to take off the wrapper. It’s an amazing product that’s relatively unknown in the kratom community but it is proven to be quite a hit for seasoned users.

How do you use oblate discs for kratom?

There are a few different ways to package your kratom into oblate discs. The most common method is to lay it on your table, dose your kratom, then wrap it up. If you’re wondering how to seal the oblate discs, you seal them just like mailing a letter. When they are exposed to a bit of moisture, the disc will stick to itself. Depending on the size of your oblate discs you want to test different quantities of kratom powder. Eventually, you will know how much or how little to put each time. 

Some important things to note about parachuting kratom:

  • A few different sources say that after you finish wrapping your kratom, then you should dip the entire bag into water before you parachute it. This helps seal it better but that can melt the disc and dissolve into the water. 
  • You can make a bag that is TOO big. Like cooking for yourself, it is possible to bite off more than you can chew. Always work your way up to your desired dose. Don’t jump straight into trying to fit 4 grams into an oblate disc. It won’t go well. Trust us. This is especially tempting when using oblate discs to parachute kratom since kratom requires higher doses than other substances. 
  • Don’t try storing oblate discs in kratom. The oblate discs are not made to preserve the contents inside. Any exposure to moisture will start to break down the starch. It’s best to use these discs immediately after you wrap them. 

So, is kratom safe to parachute?

In all, kratom can be safe to parachute if you take all the precautions and do research. We absolutely recommend parachuting as an alternative way to take kratom. If it’s not for you, check out our blog post on some of the other best ways to take kratom powder. But if you’re interested in taking the extra effort to wrap your kratom doses every time, then parachuting is for you! Toilet paper as a wrapper is obviously the lowest barrier of entry but we highly recommend testing out oblate discs to parachute kratom. You can find them on Amazon at a low price. Don’t like them? Try using them for cooking! There are some great recipes for transparent disappearing ravioli. But either way, don’t take our word for it. DO RESEARCH before trying any new method. There are a ton of posts on Reddit on parachuting kratom