Where to Buy Kratom Near Me in 2021

Where to Buy Kratom Near Me in 2021

If you’re new to kratom or a seasoned expert, you may have found that kratom can be hard to come by. In some states there’s a legal gray area and in others you’ll be hard-pressed to find any stores that will even allow the sale of kratom. No matter what the case is, we’ve found that buying kratom can be difficult. We understand that many users are trying to find out where they can buy kratom, especially in 2020. Look no further. We’ve created a guide in order to help you find the best quality kratom near you or online.

Buying Kratom Locally

In many cases, users would prefer to buy kratom locally. Not everyone can wait for kratom to come through the mail since people use it on a regular or daily basis. The first step in finding out where to buy kratom locally is to check it’s legal status in your state. You can check out our guide here on where is kratom legal in the United States. This will give you a bit of info on where the government has made clear laws on where kratom is illegal. So far it is illegal in the following states: 

  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Indiana
  • Vermont
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin

If you’re outside of these illegal states, you may be in luck. The best places to buy kratom if it’s not completely illegal, are local smoke shops. Not weed smoke shops but smoke shops that sell tobacco accessories, vapes, hookah etc. Generally these places will sell some sort of bottle with kratom capsules. But please note, you have little choice on what kind of kratom or quality kratom they are supplying. Dependent on the label or type of kratom you’re buying, you should do some research online. Unfortunately that is the cost of buying kratom locally. 

Check on Yelp or local reviews of the smoke shop to see if there are any other people who have bought kratom from that smoke shop. Browse around to different smoke shops until you feel comfortable with the brand/quality they are providing.    

Ultimately, buying local kratom can be a bit sketchy due to issues with quality, legality, and pricing. We suggest searching online for the best kratom vendors. We have a guide on the 5 best vendors of kratom online. 

Buying Kratom Online

Now, if you’re still struggling to get kratom locally you might have to go online which is the better option in our opinion. You get all the benefits of researching the quality, price, and customer experience. We recommend searching reputable kratom vendors on Google to begin your search. This will give you a better sense of what’s popular online. 

When researching kratom stores online here are a few different things you should look for:


  • Do the vendors you’re looking at have kratom reviews for their different products? It’s important to know that there are other customers who are consistently buying from these sites. No reviews should raise a red flag. If there are no reviews, the vendor may be too new or not have quality kratom that people will vouch for.

Credit card processing:

  • Due to the nature of kratom, not all sellers have credit card processing. Some places require you to send checks, use cryptocurrency, or go to an offshore banking site. All these just complicate the process in getting you your kratom! There are plenty of kratom vendors online that can get you quality kratom with ease. Shameless plug, our shop is one of the few kratom stores that allow credit card processing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Buying in Bulk

  • If you’re looking to stock up on kratom, local stores most likely won’t have kratom in bulk. You’ll usually have to get them in capsules or powder but the price range and quantity can be limited. If you buy kratom online, you’ll have a lot of choices of the strain and quantity of kratom that you can get. We recommended searching online for bulk kratom vendors so you can get cheaper prices if you know you’re going to be constantly using kratom. 


  • Price is a huge factor in buying kratom. Looking for kratom at cheap prices is a catch-22. You may get it for a lower price but there’s a risk of getting lower quality kratom. Be wary of vendors with prices that look too good to be true. 1 oz of kratom can range between $10 – $30 dollars. If you find a kratom store with low prices and are skeptical, see if they have any samples or discounts before buying larger quantities. This is why we have free kratom samples. We give you quality kratom at low prices that you can try first. But also note, higher prices doesn’t always mean higher quality. Always be sure to do research before you put anything into your body.

In all, we know buying kratom can be difficult at times. It is a great plant but unfortunately isn’t readily available just yet. Buying kratom locally may be great if you need it right away but it comes with a few sacrifices. The beauty of the internet is that you can always find tons of information about kratom sellers before you purchase. We find that heavy kratom users will find local spots as backups in the meantime while they wait for their kratom to ship. No matter what, it’s always important to DO RESEARCH when purchasing kratom locally or online. Find more information regarding kratom here on our blog.

If like what we’re posting and trust us, shop our kratom store here.

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