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Kratom effects and side-effects

Kratom effects and side-effects

What are Kratom’s Effects and Side-Effects?

One question we get asked all the time is “What are Kratom effects” or “What are Kratom side-effects”?

If you have never consumed Kratom or you already did but you are still wondering what are the actual effects and side-effects, this read is a perfect comprehensive guide to Kratom effects and side-effects.

There are many different Kratom strains and every individual is unique. Also keep in mind that even though this natural plant has been traditionally used for centuries in South East Asia, scientific and medical research on the substance is really behind.

For these reasons it’s quite impossible to say exactly what Kratom’s effects and side-effects you could experience.

However it is possible to discuss some of the most statistically significant effects that people describe, and what strains and dosages tend to be reported for those effects.

Stimulation, Euphoria, Relaxation, Pain relief & more

When it comes to the factors that determine whether your Kratom will be more energizing or more relaxing the strain matters, or more generally, the color matters.

In general Kratom is reported to have the following effects:

  • Stimulation effects (energy boost)
  • Mood enhancement (euphoria, increased sociability)
  • Relaxation (paradoxically sedative)
  • Pain relief (natural analgesic)
  • Focus enhancement
  • Anti-anxiety

Mood enhancement (or euphoria) is universally considered to be one of kratom’s effects.  Some strains do tend to be reported as producing a higher effect but the reality is that every strain will produce this feeling of optimism and well being.

As discussed below, each Kratom strain may be of benefit in other areas, thus contributing to a higher sense of well-being.  But it’s important to remember that every strain will produce this effect at different levels depending on the type.

Stimulation and (paradoxically) relaxation are also considered universal effects of Kratom with a caveat; the dosing matters.  So does the strain, but let’s see first the dosing:

Virtually every Kratom strain will feel more stimulating at lower doses and more sedating at higher doses.

So even a Red Borneo, considered among the least stimulating and most relaxing strains, will produce a sense of energy boost at lower doses.  It won’t be nearly as stimulating as a White strain, but at a lower dose all kratom tends to give a feeling of stimulation.

The opposite holds true also.  At higher doses virtually any strain will begin to feel sedating.  Even White Maeng Da is frequently reported as causing a sedating effect at high relative doses.

Along with the dosing, the strain matters, or more generally, the color matters.  Generally speaking people prize White Vein strains for their overall stimulating effects while Red Vein strains are prized for their relaxing effects.  The Green Vein strains – sometimes described as the Goldilocks of Kratom – not too stimulating but not too relaxing; Just right.

So between dosing and strain you can begin to predict how much stimulation or relaxation a particular sample of Kratom will have.  Each person is unique but the previous generalizations can help in deciding what dose and strain will work best for your needs.

Analgesic effects (painkilling) are well known too.  Kratom has been used in South East Asia for thousands of years as a pain reliever and its true potential is only beginning to be studied and understood.

Besides simply working well at blocking pain, Kratom is valued as is considered by many to be much safer than the frequently prescribed opiate painkillers.

It reports a much lower potential for dependency and addiction than opiate painkillers.  And for many people, the greatest reason it’s superior to opiates is that it doesn’t cause the kind of mental brain fog that heavy opiates cause.

As a result, Kratom is frequently praised by people who were able to either significantly cut back on their opiate painkillers, or in many cases replace them altogether.

The quality of life benefited to being able to stop using opiate painkillers cannot be overstated.  While not every situation can have such perfect results, the statistical significance is compelling for those who have to manage pain and are looking for a safer, natural alternative to opiates.

All strains of Kratom have been reported positively for analgesic effects, but the various Red Vein strains are considered to be the best for pain relief potential.  Dosing usually requires a trial and adjustment strategy because each situation is unique and each individual’s needs vary.

Kratom for Focus

Another specific effect of Kratom that is often reported is an improved sense of focus.

Depending on the strain and the type of work or concentration desired by the individual Kratom can be a reliable source of improved mental focus.

Best results are typically reported from either White strains such as White Maeng Da, or from the more energizing Green Strains like Green Maeng Da and Green Malay.

It is certainly possible to find the benefit of higher focus from even a relaxing Red strain such as Red Borneo if an individual was aware that the source of their lack of focus was due to a high state of anxiety.

In such a case a Red Veined option might also provide the intended benefit. However, usually Whites and Greens are the safest bet for improved focus and concentration.

Can Kratom help me sleep?

Depending on the strain and dose, Kratom can be a valuable option for people suffering for insomnia and need help getting the sleep they need.

As a general rule, all strains of Kratom can be energizing in smaller doses, but become sedating at higher doses.

Even strains known for their uplifting energy have been often reported as causing drowsiness at higher relative doses.

For those who are specifically looking for an herbal supplement to help them sleep at night there may be no better option than Red Borneo. It is considered by many to be the most relaxing Kratom strain available.

If Red Borneo is not available any of the Red strains will produce a wonderful sense of relaxation which can be a valuable option for those who need a supplement to help them sleep.

Kratom can improve Anxiety

Aside from a general sense of well being, Kratom is also highly regarded as a potential Anti-Anxiety supplement. Depending on the nature of the anxiety one or more options might be beneficial.

In a general sense, Red strains such as Red Borneo and some of the more relaxing Green strains such as Green Borneo are among the most recommended options for Anti-Anxiety.

However, many reported to have found benefit from White Maeng Da as well. This might seem counter intuitive considering White strains, and White Maeng Da in particular are among the most energizing and uplifting strains of Kratom.

It might seem much more logical that a relaxing and calming option would be of greater help. But where people report its Anti-Anxiety benefits are in social settings.

If someone knows the source of their anxiety stems from their need for and ability to socialize and communicate, then they may find that an uplifting strain like White Maeng Da will allow them to socialize and participate in groups and discussions with greater ease.

As with almost everything involving Kratom, the individual’s needs influence which strain of Kratom might be of benefit. And no one-size-fits-all approach will be sufficient.

Side-effects: is Kratom Safe?

What are the Risks and Side Effects? While we think that Kratom is a very safe, natural supplement, it certainly can’t be said that Kratom is perfect for everyone.

There may be no known acute dangers, but that doesn’t mean that good judgment shouldn’t be used.

As a general rule, as with any supplement, try not to take more than you think will get the job done.

If nothing else, you will limit the tolerance your body builds up. Also, when testing a new strain, use extra caution until you know how your own body will react to the supplement.

If Kratom is taken in excess users typically report drowsiness (which may or may not be expected and desired). In the most extreme cases Kratom has been reported as having a nauseating effect when taken in very large doses.

While this is obviously uncomfortable, it also tends to serve as a limiting factor in dosing – as in people generally do not want to take too much because of this very outcome.

In addition, many people report that the effects of alcohol are greatly multiplied when Kratom is taken at the same time. Again, this may be a desired effect, but it should always be remembered when drinking and taking any strain of Kratom supplement.

The alcohol will seem much more pronounced, and drowsiness may set in much quicker than one might have expected otherwise.