How to Pronounce Kratom?

How to Pronounce Kratom?

Kratom is a plant that is indigenous to Thailand and has its roots in other Asian countries. Since it is from a foreign country, many are confused about how to correctly pronounce kratom. We believe that knowing how to pronounce kratom is an important part of using kratom. 

Just like marijuana, cannabis, or weed, there is a specific connotation and impression given from each term. The rhetoric in the United States has shifted from marijuana to cannabis due to how it is perceived by the public. Here’s a great article on why language matters when it comes to discussing drugs. 

Now back to kratom and why it matters. To effectively reduce the stigma against kratom, we must be able to correctly communicate it or understand the tone in communication so when it gets more mainstream, people are more educated. If you were to talk with someone and they pronounced marijuana as “MARI-JEW-WANA”, we’d perceive them as uninformed about the subject. It sets a poor precedent for people who are users of kratom and aren’t aware of the different methods of communication.

This isn’t to say it’s terrible if you mispronounce kratom or say it differently than others. The important takeaway is educating yourself about kratom and the ways it’s being communicated. 

So, how do you say kratom properly?

According to Google

If you search on Google “how to say kratom”, you’re going to get Google’s pronunciation audio AI that gives you an approximate way to say words based on the rules of the English language. According to Google’s AI, it is pronounced kra·tm or “krah-TUM”. This is not a common way to say the word. We find that less experienced people or people who have only read the word say it like this.

The Original Pronunciation of Kratom

The term “kratom” originates from the Thai language. Thai and most people in Southeast Asia pronounce it, “kruh-tom”. If you want to be a little connected to the roots of kratom, you can say it like that! The first part “kruh” rhymes with “duh”. The second part “TOM” rhymes with “dom”. Hamilton from Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia was on Joe Rogan’s podcast and discussed the differences in how to say kratom. If you don’t know, Hamilton is a well-informed journalist that went to Thailand in his Vice documentary on the origins of kratom. He’s a credible source that you might want to look to when learning about kratom!

How People Say it in the United States

The most popular way (and the way we prefer) to say kratom in the United States is to pronounce it “krei-tom”. Similar to the way you say “crazy” with “krei-zi”, you say the first part of kratom using KREI or KRAY. This is considered the long ay instead of the short a in the English language. We’ve found that this is the most common way people say kratom in the United States. From news outlets, vendors, and casual conversations,  we find that this is a widespread way to say kratom. Here’s a great video showing a collection of ways people say kratom.

How Should I Say It?

In conclusion, there are a few different ways to say kratom and can vary based on where you are at. We do think that less people say it the way Google recommends but at the end of the day, it is personal preference. You will gain a better insight on how to say the word based on your impression the more you watch videos, do research, and discuss with others. 

Kratom is a huge part of peoples lives and is slowly gaining more mainstream attention. Even cannabis had a long time before we understood the different terms and connotations of each word. Like we said before, learning how to say kratom properly isn’t a life or death situation but it is trending to the point where there is becoming a certain larger need for education on it’s impact in society. Educating yourself on kratom is a big part of every users journey. Whether it be advocating for its legality or understanding it’s health benefits, kratom has impacted many lives. 

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